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Mekelle (Tigrinya: መቐለ, mäqälle, Amharic: መቀሌ, mek'elē, Italian: Macallé), or Mekele formerly the capital of Enderta awraja in Tigray, is today the capital city of Tigray National Regional state. It is located around 780 kilometres (480 mi) north of the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, with an elevation of 2,254 metres (7,395 ft) above sea level Ethiopia Administrative Regions, Cities and Population. Ethiopia is a Federal Democratic Republic composed of 9 National Regional states: namely Tigray, Afar, Amhara, Oromia, Somali, Benishangul-Gumuz, Southern Nations Nationalities and People Region (SNNPR), Gambella and Harari, and two Administrative states (Addis Ababa City administration and Dire Dawa city council) Fear and frustrations about the turn of events led to mixed sentiments among large share of the population in Tigray, Abraham Tekeste, who served as Ethiopia's Minister of Finance between 2016 and 2018, knows well how the federal administrative and economic arrangement work. He pointed out several areas where Tigray experienced obstructions either put in place by the federal government. Tigray är en av nio regioner (kililoch) i norra Etiopien.Den var tidigare känd som Region 1.Den bebos framför allt av tigreaner, som utgör hela 96,55 procent av regionens befolkning. [1] Befolkningen uppgick till 4 314 456 invånare vid folkräkningen 2007, [1] på en yta av 50 079 kvadratkilometer. [2] Huvudstad är Mekele.Andra större städer är Adigrat, Adwa, Aksum och Endasilasie

(1994) Britannica Book of the Year 1999. (2007) (2015) Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (web). The totals of 2007 and 2015 include 96,754 and 118,000 persons, respectively, living in the special enumeration areas Moyale, Afdem, Meda Welabu and Mulo Navigate the Tigray region population projection by zone, and woreda Tigray (ትግራይ təgray [tɨɡraj], auch Tigré) war eine Provinz im Kaiserreich Abessinien, ab 1974 eine Provinz Äthiopiens unter dem Derg-Regime.In der Demokratischen Volksrepublik Äthiopien ab 1987 war sie autonom und seit 1995 ist sie durch die Annahme der neuen Verfassung eine eigenständige Region - die Region Tigray, und keine Provinz - innerhalb der Demokratischen. ፈስቲቫል ትግራይ 2018 ዋሽንግተን ዲሲ ብርሃነ ሃይለ - Duration: 12:48. Festival Tigray 2018 Washington DC - Duration: 33:14. UTNA Official 73,963 views. 33:14.

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Tigray is the homeland of the Tigrayan, Irob and Kunama peoples. Tigray is also known Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Tigray - Topic About; Home Trending History Get YouTube Premium Get YouTube TV Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies & Shows News Live Fashion Learning Spotlight 360° Video Browse channels Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Sign in. We'll stop. Tigray. Tigrayans constitute approximately 6.1% of the Ethiopian population, and their numbers total approximately 6,047,522 people in the country. Most Tigrayans live in the northern region of Ethiopia. They use folktales, riddles, and poetry for entertainment. The naming ceremony is an important rite of passage for the Tigyayans as it marks a. Als Tigray wurde nur das Gebiet um Aksum und Adwa bezeichnet, von dieser geographischen Bezeichnung wurde zunächst die Sprachbezeichnung Tigrinya und der Name der gesamten Provinz Tigray abgeleitet. In Äthiopien förderte vor allem die Volksbefreiungsfront von Tigray (TPLF) die Vorstellung einer ethnischen Einheit aller Tigrinya-Sprachigen. Die Schaffung einer ethnisch.

Ethiopia's largest city is Addis Ababa, which has a population of 2.7 million that could surpass 3 million in the near future. This is the only city in the country that has hit this milestone. There are, however, many other cities that make up the remainder of this country's large population. There are nine total cities that each have a population of at least 100,000. There are also 83 cities. Tigray has an estimated population of 4,565,000 (July 2008) and an average density of 91.2 persons per square kilometers [9]. Wereda densities vary from a low of 12.3 persons per square miles in Kafta Humera to just over 250 persons per square kilometers in Adwa, Laelay Maichew, and Alamata (see map below) This statistic shows the total population of Ethiopia from 2008 to 2018 by gender. In 2018, Ethiopia's female population amounted to approximately 54.59 million, while the male population amounted. In June 2018, ABIY announced Ethiopia would accept the border ruling of 2000, prompting rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea that was marked with a peace agreement in July 2018 and a reopening of the border in September 2018. In November 2019, Ethiopia's nearly 30-year ethnic-based ruling coalition - the EPRDF - merged into a single unity party called the Prosperity Party, however, one.

M ROUND 12: ULY - AUGUST 2018 O MOBILITY TRENDS AND CAUSE OF DISPLACEMENT Conflict has consistently been reported as the primary cause of displacement in Tigray region (as indicated by figure 3 & 4). IDPs displaced in 2018, in 2017 and before 2017 reported being displaced by conflict. Mobility amongst the displaced population in Tigray Population Projection 2007-2037. Census Questionnaires 2011/2019 (0/7) No Subcategories . Most downloaded files. Benishangu_Gumuz_Statistical (Census-2007 Report) AddisAbaba (Census Tables) Affar_Statistical (Census-2007 Report) HICE 2004 (HICE 2004) HCE 2016 Statistical Report Tigray region (Recent Survey) Inflation Rate for the Month of April 2019 is 12.9%; National Poverty head count.

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  1. Ethiopia - Statistics & Facts Overview; Key figures; Statistics; Published by H. Plecher, Apr 19, 2018 Population growth in Ethiopia 2018. Fertility rate in Ethiopia 2017 . Crude birth rate in.
  2. Populations of Tigrayans are also found in other large Ethiopian cities such as the capital Addis Ababa and Gondar as well as abroad in the United States. The Tigrayans are, despite a general impression of homogeneity, composed of numerous subgroups with their own socio-cultural traditions. Among these there are the Agame of eastern Tigray, mentioned in the Monumentum Adulitanum in the 3rd.
  4. According to the 2019 revision of the World Population Prospects, the total population was 109,224,414 in 2018, compared to 18,434,000 in 1950. The proportion of children below the age of 15 in 2010 was 41.5%, 55.8% was between 15 and 65 years of age, while 3.3% was 65 years or older. The average age was 25.1
  5. hospitals,centralzone,Tigray,Ethiopia,2018. Variable Category Poorpractice Goodpractice Total TypeofDM Typeone 42(15.4%) 71(26.1%) 113(41.5%) Typetwo 58(21.3%) 101(37.1%) 159(58.5) Diabeticcomplication Yes 26(9.2%) 52(19.1%) 77(28.3%) No 75(27.6%) 120(44.1%) 195(71.7%) FamilyhistoryofDM Yes 17(6.3%) 26(9.6%) 43(15.8%) No 83(30.5%) 146(53.7%) 229(84.1%) Attendingdiabeticeducation Yes 59(21.7%.
  6. Tigrai Online provides Ethiopian daily news, information on investment, business, political analysis

One page infographic on the South Sudan refugee response in Ethiopia in 2018 Published: 1 October 2018 (1 A quarterly situational update on the refugee operation in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia, highlighting key areas of UNHCR and partners' interventions in sectors such as Protection, Health, Food and Nu... Published: 28 January 2020 (4 months ago) Uploaded: 28 January 2020 (4 months ago. Ethiopia population density. Ethiopia population density is 100.7 people per square kilometer (260.9/mi 2) as of June 2020. Density of population is calculated as permanently settled population of Ethiopia divided by total area of the country. Total area is the sum of land and water areas within international boundaries and coastlines of Ethiopia Amhara (amharisch አማራ amara, englisch Amhara National Regional State) ist eine Verwaltungsregion Äthiopiens.. Sie bildet dessen historisches Kernland mit der mittelalterlichen Hauptstadt Gondar und dem Antsokia-Tal.Mit der neuen Verwaltungsgliederung Äthiopiens nach ethnischen Kriterien wurde Amhara 1995 als Bundesstaat mit den Amharen als Titularnation geschaffen The Tigray ethnic group comprises 6 percent of Ethiopia's population of over 100 million. After Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed assumed office in April 2018, TPLF officials including, Abraham Tekeste, who was the country's Minister of Finance at the time, are mostly stationed in the state for what many people charge is a step to run away from accountability to central government

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Population in severe Multi-dimensional Poverty (%) UNDP Human Development Report 2016 67 Inflation rate (January 2018) (%) CSA 2018 13.4 Proportion of Tax revenue out of GDP (%) National Bank of Ethiopia 2016/17 11.6 Percent distribution of rural households by whether they are in Productive Safety Net Programme (PSNP) See Graphs 1 & The total population in Ethiopia was estimated at 112.0 million people in 2019, according to the latest census figures and projections from Trading Economics. Looking back, in the year of 1960, Ethiopia had a population of 22.2 million people. This page provides the latest reported value for - Ethiopia Population - plus previous releases, historical high and low, short-term forecast and long. 8 Responses to Tigray regional state opposes Federal gov.t crackdown measures on corruption wedinakfa November 19, 2018 at 6:53 pm . TPLF is holding Tigray population a hostage to save their brutal conduct and for run sacking Ethiopia, no one is against the innocent population of Tigray by far TPLF is dangerous to Tigray and the Horn and it should be dismantled and liquidated but this. Ethiopia is a predominantly agricultural country - more than 80% of the population lives in rural areas - that is in the early stages of demographic transition. Infant, child, and maternal mortality have fallen sharply over the past decade, but the total fertility rate has declined more slowly and the population continues to grow. The rising age of marriage and the increasing proportion of.

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ROUND 10: MARCH - APRIL 2018 TIGRAY REGION - KEY FINDINGS LOCATION AND CAUSE OF DISPLACEMENT: 30,112 displaced individuals comprising 10,892 households in 78 displacement sites were identified in TIGRAY region. These figures represent an increase of 7,624 in the total individuals (+33.90%) an increase of 2,951 households (+37.16%) and 18 sites (+30.00%) since round 9 (January/February 2018. The People and Culture Ethiopia has been called a rich cultural mosaic due to its eighty different languages and dialects and as many, if not more, cultural variations. The Amharas are located In the central highland plateau of Ethiopia and comprise the major population element in administrative zones of Gonder, Gojjam, in parts of Shoa and Wollo of the Amhara regional state

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Tigray Region ( Amharisch: ክልል ትግራይ, kilil Tigray; Offizieller Name: Amharisch: ብሔራዊ ክልላዊ መንግሥቲ ትግራይ, Bəh̩erawi Kəllelawi Mängəśti Təgray Tigray National Regional State) ist die nördlichste der neun Regionen ( kililat) von Äthiopien.Tigray ist die Heimat der Tigrayan, Irob und Kunama Völker. . Tigray ist auch bekannt als Region 1 nach. ROUND 14: NOVEMBER - DECEMBER 2018 Tigray REGION - KEY FINDINGS LOCATION AND CAUSE OF DISPLACEMENT: 72,113 displaced individuals comprising 33,448 households in 149 displacement sites were identified in Tigray region. These figures represent an increase of 22,561 in the total individuals (+45.53%) an increase of 12,606 households (+60.48%) and an increase of 46 sites (+44.66%) since round 13. vi | ETHIOPIA NATIONAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT REPORT 2018. Abbreviations and Acronyms ADLI Agricultural Development Led Industrialization AGOA African Growth and Opportunity Act AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ANC Antenatal Care BAU Business as Usual BoLSA Bureau of Labour and Social Affairs Br Ethiopian Birr CAR Central African Republic COMESA Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.

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  1. December 2018 Planned Population as of end of 2019 Planned Population as of end of 2020 Eritrea 173,879 123,841 150,000 Sudan 44,620 65,000 50,000 South Sudan 422,240 525,000 450,000 Somalia 257,283 220,653 170,000 Urban 7,809 30,304 40,000 Total 905,831 964,798 860,000 Host populations in refugee-hosting sub counties 534,960 548,334 562,042 Grand Total 1,440,791 1,513,132 1,422,042 COUTRY.
  2. The Tigray region's quest for regional autonomy also comes amid existing regional pressures against the federalist structure in Addis Ababa. Growing unrest among Amhara and Oromo Ethiopians, the country's two largest ethnic groups by population, has forced a crisis on the country's central structure of governance in recent years
  3. In 2007, Tigray became self-sufficient in food production, which can to a significant degree be attributed to the large-scale restoration efforts. In 2000, Tigray was the poorest region of Ethiopia, with 61.4 percent of its population living below the national poverty line. According to the World Bank Ethiopia Poverty Assessment 2014, this.
  4. Ethiopia's rapid population growth is putting increasing pressure on land resources, expanding environmental degradation, and raising vulnerability to food shortages. With more than 40 percent of the population below the age of 15 and a fertility rate of over 5 children per woman (and even higher in rural areas), Ethiopia will have to make further progress in meeting its family planning.
  5. Eritrean Press, London, United Kingdom. 293K likes. Eritrean Press believes that there is a difference between being critical of government policy & engaging in activities that jeopardize state security
  6. The Ethiopia Population-based HIV Impact Assessment (EPHIA), a household-based national survey in urban Ethiopia, was conducted between October 2017 and April 2018 in order to measure the status of Ethiopia's national response to their urban HIV epidemic. EPHIA offered household-based HIV counseling and testing, with the return of results an

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ETHIOPIA'S Tigray Region STATUS OF NUTRITION AND HEALTH INDICATORS DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE1 REGIONAL PROGRESS AGAINST <5 STUNTING6 2000 2005 2011 2016 Maternal and child undernutrition in Ethiopia contribute to both preventable mortality and reduced economic outcomes. For example, in ˜˚˚˛, undernutrition was associated with ˝˜ percent of child mortality.˝ Undernutrition also resulted in a. With an estimated population... « Previous Page; Next Page » Traditional Tigrigna Music. AD: Kiros Alemayehu. Travel Ethiopia. Best of Tigray / Featured / Historic Route / Tourism / Travel / Travel Guide & Info / Travel Tigray. Tigray Open Air Museum: A documentary on History of Tigray. Jan 20, 2018. Featured / Travel Ethiopia. Travel review: Ethiopia - land of lost Ark. Jul 27, 2016. A rally has been planned for Ethiopia's northern Tigray regional state's capital, Mekelle, on Saturday. Dubbed 'Respect the Constitution,' it will be the second such in a space of three weeks

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The Tigray (Tigrigna) people are related to the Amhara and Tigre people of Ethiopia and Eritrea who together make up the Habeshans. These people can trace their origins back to Shem, eldest son of Noah. They left present day Yemen and settled on the African side of the Red Sea inhabiting the Nile Delta and all land East of the valley down to the Ethiopian Highlands. These people are known in. 9° 01′ N, 38° 44′ E Géographie Plus grande ville Addis-Abeba Superficie totale 1 127 127 km 2 (classé 27 e) Superficie en eau 0,7 % Fuseau horaire UTC +3 Histoire Royaume de D'mt VIII e av. J-C Démographie Gentilé Éthiopien Population totale (2018) 108 386 391 hab. (classé 13 e) Densité 96,2 hab./km 2 Économie PIB nominal (2017) 80,87 milliards de US$ PIB (PPA) (2017) 200,2.

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Pressure ulcers are localized cellular damages to the skin and underlying tissues caused by pressure, shearing and frictional force. The aim of this study is to assess practices towards pressure ulcer prevention among nurses in the Central Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia, from September 10, 2017 to June 15, 2018. This study has also identified the major barriers that hamper nurses from preventing. TIGRAY REGIONAL BUSINESS AGENDA 2018 4 1.3. Objectives of the study 1.3.1. General Objective The overall objectiveof the research is to identifyand formulate the Business Agenda of Tigray region and come-up with concrete recommendationsto address these challenges. 1.3.2 The specific objectives are: 1. To identifypolicy, legal and.

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  1. Table 4.1.1 Urban population Aged Ten Years and Above by Age Group, Sex, Activity Status and Rate during the Last Seven Days (Current Status Approach) -TIGRAY REGION: 2012..... 42 Table 4.1.2 Urban population Aged Ten Years and Above by Age Group, Sex, Activity Status and Rate during the Last Seven Day
  2. Population: 7,000,000; Authority control Q427036 Library of Congress authority ID: sh85135328 Bibliothèque nationale de France ID: 12324547c IdRef ID: 032160674. Reasonator; PetScan; Scholia; Statistics; Search depicted; Subcategories. This category has only the following subcategory. Z Zerai Deres‎ (2 C, 16 F) Media in category Tigray people The following 46 files are in this category.
  3. Tigray contains the core of the ancient Aksumite kingdom and the historic settlements of Aksum, the kingdom's capital; Yeha, a ruined town of great antiquity; and Adwa, the site of a battle in 1896 in which the Italian invading force was defeated.. Although vegetation is sparse, most of Tigray's population is engaged in agriculture (cereals, legumes, coffee, and cotton) and stock raising
  4. Fear and frustrations about the turn of events led to mixed sentiments among large share of the population in Tigray, was conducted in Mekelle in July 2018, under the heading Quo Vadis Tigray? Building Knowledge-based Economy and Society in Tigray, focusing on enhancing Tigray's economic, political, social, and security advantages. This was followed by second grand conference the.

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Tigray Region Tourism: Best of Tigray Region. Start planning for Tigray Region. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. Create a Trip. Destinations. Mek'ele, Ethiopia. Axum, Ethiopia. Adigrat, Ethiopia. Wukro, Ethiopia. Essential Tigray Region. Go Play. Places to see, ways to wander, and signature experiences. Abuna Yemata Guh church. 184 Reviews. Tigray on yksi Etiopian yhdeksästä etnisin perustein muodostetusta osavaltiosta. Sen pääkaupunki on Mekele. Vuoden 2012 heinäkuun virallisen tilaston mukaan osavaltion pinta-ala on 85 367 neliökilometriä ja asukasluku 4,93 miljoonaa. Väkiluku on arvio, joka perustuu vuonna 2007 tehtyyn väestönlaskentaan. Etiopia listaa ja miehittää joitain kiistanalaisia, Etiopian itsensä. Protection and Accountability to Affected Populations Figures and Indicators Data Notes Overview of Project Beneficiary Information Participants and Beneficiaries by Activity and Modality Participants and Beneficiaries by Activity (excluding nutrition) Project Indicators Resource Inputs from Donors. Standard Project Report 2018 Ethiopia, Federal Democratic Republic of (ET) 3 Country Programme. Socio-economic_Tigray Guidelines FINAL.docx Contracting Authority: Tigray Regional State had a total population of 4.3 million people with an annual population growth rate of 4.6% in urban areas and 2.4 % in rural areas 1. Around 25% of the population currently lives in urban areas. Around 75% of the population lives in rural areas, with teff, wheat, and barely constituting the main crops.

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  1. We all know that Tigray is very kind,brave,Ethiopia,beautiful,historical,caring,legendary,a blessing to all black people as well as human. I do not believe it is a clever idea to similarize Tigray.
  2. Since 2000, when Ethiopia had one of the highest poverty rates in the world, households have experienced a decade of remarkable progress in well-being and the country has seen a 33 percent reduction in the share of the population living in poverty. Agricultural growth drove reductions in poverty, bolstered by pro-poor spending on basic services and effective rural safety nets. This progress.
  3. The U.S. government estimates the total population at 108.4 million (July 2018 estimate). The most recent census, conducted in 2007, estimated 44 percent of the population adheres to the EOC, 34 percent are Sunni Muslim, and 19 percent belong to Christian evangelical and Pentecostal groups. The overall population

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  1. Total population: 86.5 million 4.6 million Position on UN HDI: 173 out of 187 countries 7 out of 187 countries GDP per capita: $513 (Government estimate) $35,640 Adult Literacy 39% n.a. Life Expectancy 59.7 years 80.7 years HIV / AIDS (2010): 2.1% 0.1% Source: UNDP, 2013 2 Ethiopia Country Strategy Paper 2014-2018. 1. Executive Summary Ireland has had a long term engagement with Ethiopia.
  2. 22 Responses to War is inevitable,says a Journalist originally from Tigray region of Ethiopia rezen December 17, after all they have the worst deal of them all while the likes of Debre Tsion and clique have enriched themselves but Tigray population is as ever more poor and still collecting crumbs form aid agencies. Reply. Alem December 19, 2018 at 3:44 am . The problem is PRIDE. And.
  3. Oromia, where fatalities among the population were reported. With the exception of a reported influx of around 2,000 displaced people into Mekelle Town of Tigray region, there is no other information regarding the impact of the August events on Tigray. Source: OCHA 17/08/2018 . Anticipated scope and scale Key priorities Humanitarian constraint
  4. MEKELLE UNIVERSITY MEKELLE, ETHIOPIA December 2015 P.O. Box- 231, Mekelle, Ethiopia Fax: 0344-409304 Tel. +251-(0)344-0344-401088/409019 Email: [email protected] Website: www. mu.edu.et iii Mekelle University in brief Mekelle University situated in the town of Mekelle in Tigray Region of Northern Ethiopia about 783 km north of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It is established as.
  5. October 28, 2018. by Solomon Yimer and even says Amhara are willing to go to war over the issue with Tigray, which has a population that is slightly over one-fifth of Amhara's estimated 28 million. War between Amhara and Tigray regional states could break out as the call for defending and liberating ethnic Amharas in the forcefully annexed provinces of Wolkait and Raya continues as.
  6. Effects of a Community Outreach Program for Maternal Health and Family Planning in Tigray, Ethiopia Kyung-Sook Bang,1,** Sun-Mi Chae,1, *,* Insook Lee,1 Juyoun Yu,2 Jandi Kim1 1 College of Nursing, The Research Institute of Nursing Science, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea 2 Department of Nursing, Suwon Women's University, Suwon, Republic of Korea article info Article.

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Hulle word in Ethiopië Tigray en in Eritrea Tigrinya genoem. In Eritrea vorm hulle sowat 55% van die bevolking. As gevolg van die Eritrese Onafhanklikheidsoorlog (1961-1991) en die Eritrese-Ethiopiese Oorlog (1998-2000) het Tigrinya ook in lande soos Duitsland, Swede, Noorwe ë, die Verenigde Koninkryk, Kanada, Nederland, Italië, Denemarke en Australië gevestig. Wêreldwyd leef sowat 7. 2 September 2018 Revised: 5 November 2018 Accepted: 2 January 2019 Cite as: Tesfay Atsbha, Anteneh Belayneh Desta, Tessema Zewdu. Woody species diversity, population structure, and regeneration status in the Gra-Kahsu natural vegetation, southern Tigray of Ethiopia. Heliyon 5 (2019) e01120. doi: 10.1016/j.heliyon.2019. e0112 Uncontrolled hypertension is a major public health problem among hypertensive patients both in developed and developing countries [1,2,3,4].Despite the availability and improvement in diagnostic options and therapeutic interventions of hypertension with proven benefits in reducing cardiovascular morbidity and mortality; BP control rates are grossly inadequate (< 30% controlled to < 140/90 mmHg. The aim of study was to identify risk factors of birth asphyxia among newborns in public hospitals of Central Zone Tigray, Ethiopia 2018. A total of 88 cases and 176 controls were included in the study. Thirty (34.1%) cases and 28 (15.9%) of controls were not able to read and write. Twenty-one (23.9%) cases and 9 (5.1%) controls were had meconium stained on pelvic examination Home Archive Tigray Atsbi decision makers exploring the future of their livestock value chain : You can't have your sheep and eat it With the increasing population and wealth, demand for animal source food such as milk and meat is expected to almost double in the next 10 years in Ethiopia

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Background . Low birth weight is the leading cause of infant and child mortality and contributes to several poor health outcomes. Proper knowledge of risk factors of low birth weight is important for identifying those mothers at risk and thereby for planning and taking appropriate actions. This study investigates factors predicting occurrence of low birth weight among deliveries at Debreberhan. October 3, 2018. By Yohannes Gedamu leading to tensions with the Tigray region, which currently administers these areas. Violence has often erupted over the claim. Ethiopia's Somali and.

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Tigray's Conservation-Based Agricultural Development-Led Industrialization Photo by TerrAfrica Partnership at NEPAD Agency Thanks to Tigray's Conservation-Based Agricultural Development-Led Industrialization (ADLI), despite the increase in the population of Tigray, sheet and rill erosion rates have decreased, infiltration and spring discharge are enhanced and vegetation cover and crop. Badme (Äthiopische Schrift: ባድመ Badmä, arabisch بادمة) ist eine Stadt im Gebiet Yirga-Dreieck und war Brennpunkt eines Gebietsdisputs zwischen Eritrea und Äthiopien.Sie wurde sowohl von Eritrea als Teil der Gash-Barka-Region als auch (bis 2018) von Äthiopien als Teil der Mirabawi-Zone der Region Tigray beansprucht. Dieser Konflikt löste den Eritrea-Äthiopien-Krieg von 1998 bis.

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A lthough Ethiopia is a low-income country, recent rapid economic growth has done a great deal to reduce the share of Ethiopians living in poverty. In fact, with GDP growth averaging 10.3 percent a year between 2005/2006 and 2015/2016 (World Bank 2018c), Ethiopia has been one of the world's fastest-growing economies in recent times (Gebru, Remans, and Brouwer 2018) Tigre, also spelled Tigray, or Tigrai, people inhabiting northwestern Eritrea and limited areas of neighbouring Sudan.The Tigre speak Tigré, a Semitic language related to ancient Geʿez and to modern Tigrinya, the language of the Tigray people.. The largest federation of Tigre is that of the Amer (Beni Amer), a branch of the historically important Beja peoples

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Ethiopia's population is highly diverse, containing over 80 different ethnic groups. Most people in Ethiopia speak Afro-Asiatic languages, mainly of the Cushitic and Semitic branches. The former includes the Oromo and Somali, and the latter includes the Amhara and Tigray. Together these four groups make up three-quarters of the population. The country also has Omotic ethnic minorities who. In 2018 the ministry completed 46,000 inspections, and it was clear that responsibility for identifying unsafe situations resides with labor inspectors. Only a small percentage of the population, concentrated in urban areas, was involved in wage-labor employment. Wages in the informal sector generally were below subsistence levels Flash Update 4 1 5 September 2018 707,556 580,401 562,320 373,969 154,654 70,638 176,889 145,100 140,580 93,492 38,664 17,658 8,025 6,175 529 42,066 10,517 32,098 24,701 2,114 Oromia SNNP Amhara Somali Afar Tigray Gambella Dire Dawa B/Gumuz Harari Population at risk Estimated IDP(25% of population at risk) Figure 1 Regional breakdown of people at risk of flooding and displacement during the. The population numbers are referring to the inhabitants of the cities themselves, suburbs and the metropolitan area outside the city area are not taken into account. Given the suburbs and the metropolitan area, the number of inhabitants might be much larger in several cases. Addis Ababa, for example, might have a total population of 4.5 to 5 million if also taking the metropolitan area into. Oromia shares a boundary with almost every region of Ethiopia except for the Tigray Region. Based on the 2007 census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA), Oromia Region has a total population of 13,993,933, consisting of 6,595,006 men and 6,398,927 women; urban inhabitants number 3,370,040 or 11.3% of the population. With an estimated area of 353,006.81 square.

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