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Über 80% neue Produkte zum Festpreis; Das ist das neue eBay. Finde ‪Ingress‬! Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay Portal Criteria. Portal Criteria Includes: A LOCATION WITH A COOL STORY, A PLACE IN HISTORY OR EDUCATIONAL VALUE. Interesting story behind the location/object; Historical significance (apart from just being old) A COOL PIECE OF ART OR UNIQUE ARCHITECTURE. Statues, paintings, mosaics, light installations, etc For instance, if towns people who play ingress think their townhall has potential and agrees to make it portal, they have to gather at least certain number of votes by players (Let's just say maybe 20 at least) to be the candidate of the new portal list and then it will be easier to go thru new portal submissions instead of taking every single requests

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In der allgemeinen Info haben wir gerade erfahren, dass die Portale die wichtigsten Elemente im Ingress Gameplay sind. Doch habt ihr Euch schon mal gefragt, wie die Portale entstehen? Diese werden durch Spieler erstellt - naja, nicht ganz - ein Spieler kann ein Portal vorschlagen und die Jungs von Intel / Ingress bewerten dann diesen Vorschlag. Wird ein Vorschlag für gut empfunden, taucht. This is a guide on how to make your ingress portals A LOT more likely to get approved in the Ingress OPR system as it hightlights the biggest problems the judges have when deciding a good portal. Ein Portal ist der Grundbaustein von Ingress. Portale haben eine Konzentration von Portal Submission Screen. Jeder Spieler kann Portale einreichen. Meist handelt es sich um Sehenswürdigkeiten, Plätze an denen sich Leute treffen und vieles mehr. Ob ein Portal angenommen wird, oder nicht, entscheidet Niantic. Es gibt dazu eine öffentliche Übersicht der Kriterien nach denen Portale.

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Agents, Operation Portal Recon is now Niantic Wayfarer! Effective immediately, Agents eligible for Operation Portal Recon will now be redirected to Wayfarer where you can log in using the verification method you used to on your Operation Portal Recon account. We are continuing backend server testing that may temporarily increase latency on the Ingress app and on Intel Map Learn More. Ingress Guide is the one website you will need to find out more about Ingress and all the walk through, hints, tips, tricks and cheats that you need We're now on Discord! Chat with us now: https://discordapp.com/invite/tpgRvV5 To see a list of what AP you get for what action, check this forum thread: http.. Reasons for a Pokemon GO player to consider playing Ingress: #1 You can request new Pokestops and Gyms by playing Ingress. Currently, the only way to obtain new Pokestops and Gyms is to reach a high-enough level in Ingress and submit new Portals (Ingress equivalents of Gyms and Stops) using the Ingress Portal submission mechanism. Although this should not be your primary objective, the harsh. Trainers, Ingress portal submissions have finally been reopened, roughly 15 minutes ago! It seems that Agents level 11 and up can submit portals worldwide, no mention of lower levels yet. The submission limit is 7 portals, down from original 10. We have confirmed this in Croatia, by Rdash123, our local Ingress mastermind. A very exciting [

Ingress POI's are portals, they are approved, if those ingress POI's are in the same area as the flag, than you are making the nest work in HPWU. There are some nests in HPWU that won't spawn anything currently, eventhough the flag say its a nest. Nothing spawns. But you can't get things in some of those areas, because nothing in the guide allows them as it contradicts everything in OPR rules. This PokeStop submission guide is written based on our experience submitting Ingress portals, discussing with multiple OPR reviewers and interviewing players in different countries. We think we collected enough information to write a comprehensive guide on how to submit and how to make sure you're giving your PokeStop submissions the best chance of getting accepted Portal Submissions are back! September 25, 2017. by Fevenis Comments. SHARE . May 2015, a sad time for Ingress Agents as the ability to submit new Portals was removed. The portal submission queue was rising to unmanageable heights as there was a Medal incentive to shotgun as many submissions as possible (Medals can also count toward level requirements after all). Nov 2016, Operation Portal.

This video describes the game mechanics and how to increase in level in Ingress. It also shows you how you submit portals that are later turned into Pokestops and Gyms in Pokemon Go! I managed to. Thank you for submitting your Portal suggestion to Ingress. We will review this candidate to verify XM concentration and ensure it meets our Portal submission guidelines. After additional processing, we will send you a follow-up message about your submission. This may take a few weeks. There's no lat/lon or image. I'm sure I described it. Guides . FAQ >> Frequently Asked Questions on all topics of Ingress.(December of 2012) The Original Guide >> The first public guide surrounding game play of Ingress.(November of 2012) Level 6, in ten hours >> One persons journey to level 6, in about ten hours Ingress; Ingress Guide; Actions; Portal Editing; Portal Editing . Agents can submit edits of portals to be evaluated via Niantic Wayfarer. They can also submit portal removals to Niantic. To access this functionality, tap the portal to bring up its information card, then tap the name, description, level, or photo of the portal. Then tap the three dot menu button at the upper-right to. Why do my Ingress portal submissions get declined? Google Street View tutorial! - Duration: 9:26. Ingress: A Beginners Guide (What Is Ingress, Hack/Attack/Defense, Level Up Tips + Cautions.

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  1. Portals must be officially submitted using the following steps. Steps to submit a new Portal: 1) Make sure your GPS on camera app is enabled ( Open Camera > Settings > Store location >ON ) 2) Snap a photo with your Android phone with the standard camera app. 3) Select the Share option for the photo. 4) Share to NIA Super Ops (with the Ingress logo
  2. Portal Criteria guide update. Jeroenix June 2019 in Wayfarer (Archive) Hi, this thread is directed to anyone at NIA who might be reading along: There have been many alterations to the 'official' portal criteria Guide (accessed from OPR site) through AMAs and other cases that might have created precedents to accept or reject candidates. I feel the Guide is severely outdated, and was wondering.
  3. After your event, submit the results and group photo for verification; Have fun! Instructions and Requirements. All the event instructions and requirements details have moved to the Organiser's Guide page. Event Registration. When you first submit your event, you'll get an email with a link to edit the details and a link to your Fev Games.
  4. Lernen Sie die Übersetzung für 'ingress' in LEOs Englisch ⇔ Deutsch Wörterbuch. Mit Flexionstabellen der verschiedenen Fälle und Zeiten Aussprache und relevante Diskussionen Kostenloser Vokabeltraine
  5. Guides; Passcodes; Ingress Links; the world. Directory; units controlled; top agents; discussion. Forum; Chat; Maps . Ingress Intel Map Historical Marker Map USA Census & Density Map World Density Map (High-Level) World Density Map (Mid-Level) Europe Density Map (Detailed-Level) The official Ingress Intel map. Communicate with others and view portals, links, and fields. Dynamic Historical.
  6. Portals not to submit. Close. 0. Posted by 1 year ago. Archived. Portals not to submit . Fire stations, graveyards, memorials/benches for random people, random government buildings. Just no. They're 1 stars, read the guidelines. It seems we're getting an influx of ignorant Pogo players who think everything should be a portal. To give context, The single passerby is not the issue: You wouldn't.

Ingress Community Forums . General discussions. Category List. Announcements . Expand for more options. News . 33 discussions 10 comments Most recent: Altering or falsifying a device's location by NianticBrian May 20 . Expand for more options. Release Notes. 33 discussions 1.8K comments Most recent: Ingress 2.47.2 Release Notes by SF88 8:17PM . Expand for more options. Forum Updates. 4. Seitdem war jeder Vodafone-Shop gleichzeitig ein Ingress-Portal. Vodafone bot daher einen speziellen Ingress-Vertrag an. Neben einem erhöhten Datenvolumen erhielten die Kunden als Bonus für jede Aufladung der Guthabenkarte einen Passcode mit mehreren, teils seltenen Spiel-Gegenständen. Dieser Kooperationsvertrag ist im Februar 2015 ausgelaufen; alle Vodafone-Portale sind daher aus dem.

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